Macau's Desserts

Azucar Macau: Molten Lava Cake Azucar

183----50---- Azucar

With four branches across Macau, Azucar has quickly grown to become one of Macau’s favourite restaurants. It s...
Cafe Voyage: Entrance Café Voyage

174----150---- Café Voyage

Take a journey without ever leaving Macau at Café Voyage. This boutique café will make you feel like you’re of...
Yee Shun Dairy Company: Exterior Yee Shun Dairy Company

98----50---- Yee Shun Dairy Company

A traditional local Macanese restaurant, Yee Shun Daiy Company, is known for their desserts, specifically the ...
Caffe Bene Macau: Toast and Coffee Caffe Bene Macau

153----50---- Caffe Bene Macau

The first Korean coffee shop in Macau, Caffé Bene is a coffeehouse offering its guests a menu of sweet treats ...
Cha Bei Macau: Entrance Cha Bei

37----150---- Cha Bei

Located at the Galaxy Macau, Cha Bei is a social space where guests can find themselves immersed in a world of...
Gelatina Mok Yi Kei: Dessert Gelatina Mok Yi Kei

60----50---- Gelatina Mok Yi Kei

Located in Taipa, on the popular pedestrian street Rua do Cunha Gelatine Mok Yi Kei is a dessert shop that has...

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