Macau's Venetian Macao

Cafe Deo Macau: Main Entrance Cafe Deco Macau

93----300---- Cafe Deco Macau

Located inside the Venetian Macao, Cafe Deco Macau is a large restaurant, serving a variety of different cuisi...
Venetian: Bambu Bambu

200----300---- Bambu

Located in The Venetian in Cotai, Bambu is a fine-dining buffet that has something on offer for every palate s...
Qube Kingdom at Qube Parisian in Macau, Playground Qube Kingdom in the Parisian Macao

86-------- Qube Kingdom in the Parisian Macao

With over 20,000 sq. ft. of playground facilities and video games, Parisian Macau’s Qube Kingdom is the ultima...
Portofino: Dining Lounge Portofino

181----600---- Portofino

Located in The Venetian in Cotai, Portofino serves up Italian classics in a stylish and contemporary environme...
Venetian Macau: Exterior The Venetian Macao

10----From 1,500 HKD---- The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao in Cotai is the city’s first integrated resort featuring stunning replicas of beautiful can...
Qube (Kids at Venetian) in Macau: Entrance Qube (Kids at Venetian) Qube (Kids at Venetian)

14-------- Qube (Kids at Venetian)

For young travellers, Qube at The Venetian Macao is worth a visit. Qube offers children and their parents over...
Shoppes at Venetian: Shops Shoppes at Venetian

52-------- Shoppes at Venetian

As the crown jewel within the Sands Shoppes retail complex, the Shoppes at Venetian (previously known as Grand...
Gondola at Venetian Macao: Characters The Venetian Macao – Gondola Rides The Venetian Macao – Gondola Rides

42-------- The Venetian Macao – Gondola Rides

Explore the canals at the Shoppes at the Venetian Macao in a truly Venetian way – with a gondola ride. G...
Venetian Macao: Golden Peacock Golden Peacock

198----150---- Golden Peacock

Guests to The Venetian Macao should not miss out on Golden Peacock. Not only is it the only Michelin-starred I...
The Venetian: North North (The Venetian Macao)

95----300---- North (The Venetian Macao)

One of the Venetian Macao’s signature restaurants in Cotai, North offers guests traditional and favourites fro...
Venetian Macao Casino Venetian Macao Casino

106-------- Venetian Macao Casino

With its opening in 2007, The Venetian Casino Resort complex is the largest single structure building in Asia....
Canton: Entrance Canton

119----300---- Canton

Located inside the Venetian Macao, Canton is a Chinese restaurant serving Chinese cuisine with healthy ingredi...

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